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  • Has your pet been naughty to your carpet for Christmas?
    Here in Cambridge as we tidy our houses preparing for company over the holidays many of us have found unpleasant surprises from our furry friends…urine Read more
  • Is your pet in pain?
    One of the most common questions pet owners ask of us, especially those with older pets, is whether or not their animal is in pain. After all, animals can’t talk, so Read more
  • Pet Cancer Awareness
    Cancer is one of the most frightening words in veterinary medicine today. It immediately brings up feelings of loved ones in trouble or lost. November is Pet Cancer Awareness month, and like Read more
  • World Record Pets
    According to the Guinness Book of World records, the world has a new tallest dog! His name is Zeus, a Giant Great Dane, and he measures 44 inches tall at the shoulder. Read more
  • It Couldn't Be FLEAS (or could it?)
    Our latest blogs have discussed the top 3 reasons for itchy skin in the dogs of Dorchester County. Today we arrive at reason #1 why your pet scratches and bites continuously: Read more
  • Itchy Dogs, Part 2
    In the last blog we talked about food allergy, the #3 cause of itchiness that we see here in Cambridge. Today we will discuss the #2 cause: INHALENT ALLERGY, also known as atopy. Read more
  • Is Food Allergy Making Your Dog Itchy?
    Did you know that food allergy is one of the 3 most common reasons for itchy skin in dogs (top 2 to follow)? The main symptoms of a food allergy are Read more
  • How Dangerous Are Jerky Treats?
    For years we’ve been recommending to our clients here in Cambridge that rawhides and jerky treats in their pet’s diet be avoided. The known risks include choking, digestive upset, and contamination of Read more
  • Dr. Dog
    Most of us know about “seeing eye dogs” for the blind, but recent research has indicated that dogs can be trained to be useful in the medical field in many other ways. Read more


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  • "Truly the best vet in Dorchester County! Both Dr. Gosser and Dr. Spofford are amazing and the vet techs are too. You can tell they love doing what they do."
    Samantha A.
  • "GREAT PLACE! From start to finish they were top notch! From getting a last minute same day appointment for an abscess on his little rump, to a quick and informative checkout. Dr.Gosser was so gentle and kind to our sweet doxie Dexter. As was Brittany, our tech. They also had extremely reasonable pricing even for something so urgent. I'll never go anywhere else again."
    Melissa F.