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  • Cruciate Disease in Dogs
         Here on the Eastern Shore we are blessed with plenty of wide open space and fresh air. Dorchester County dogs can run, swim, hunt and fetch for as long Read more
  • Renal Insufficiency In Cats
         Kidney disease is one of the most common problems we see in older cats here in Cambridge. It means the kidneys have been gradually and irreversibly deteriorating over a Read more
  • Pet Foods - Are Grains and Gluten Bad for My Pet?
         Our clients here in Cambridge often ask our opinion about what type of pet food is best. Many are considering the current trend toward feeding "grain free" or "gluten Read more
  • Periodontal Disease
         Does your dog have bad breath? You might be smelling gum disease, and it may be more serious than you think .      The cause of gum disease is Read more
  • Howling at Sirens
         If you live in Cambridge or any Eastern Shore town, chances are you hear the volunteer fire department siren go off from time to time. And if you have Read more
  • Mast Cell Tumors
    What is a mast cell? Mast cells are cells found in all tissues of the body, especially the skin, respiratory tract, and gastrointestinal tract. They play a role in allergic responses, Read more
  • How can you tell if your dog is deaf?
    How can you tell if your dog is deaf? If your dog is unresponsive to everyday sounds including it’s name or it’s squeaky toy, and if it is not woken Read more
  • Scared Dogs and Loud Noises
    THUNDERSTORMS, FIREWORKS and other things that make our pets scared enough to RUN!             We have had more than the usual amount of thunderstorms on the Eastern Shore this summer. Read more
  • Seeing through the fog of old eyes
    At our senior pet examinations here in Cambridge we sometimes hear people comment that their older dog’s eyes looking “foggy”.  More often than not the cause is a very common Read more
  • Sentinel is back!!!
    SENTINEL IS BACK!!!!          If your dog has ever had a whipworm infection, you know how just how serious this parasite can be.  Whipworms live in the cecum and colon of Read more
  • What do you mean I can't give my cat MILK!!
    Our cat-loving clients here in Dorchester County often ask us if they can pamper their sick or recuperating cat by giving it milk. They are surprised to hear that the answer is “NO”! Read more
  • Rabies is not a disease of the past!!!
    Rabies, it’s an ancient disease and so rare in a country like ours…much like polio or leprosy…right? Wrong! Recently a Read more
  • Has your older cat gone CRAZY????
    Has your older cat had a sudden “re-birth” where he/she seems more energetic, his/her appetite has improved (as well as thirst) and he/she is finally shedding those unwanted pounds? Although this Read more
    Gradually! Be prepared for a prolonged introduction, especially if your old cat has lived alone since kitten hood and has no experience living with another cat. You Read more
  • Be sweet to your pet for Valentine's Day, but be careful too
    Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and at Bayside Animal Hospital we have our “toxic chocolate dose by body weight” charts ready! Most of our clients here in Cambridge have heard Read more
  • Can you get the flu from your dog?
    As many of us here in Cambridge have discovered firsthand, the flu virus has been especially bad this year! Have you ever wondered if you could give the virus to your Read more


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  • "Truly the best vet in Dorchester County! Both Dr. Gosser and Dr. Spofford are amazing and the vet techs are too. You can tell they love doing what they do."
    Samantha A.
  • "GREAT PLACE! From start to finish they were top notch! From getting a last minute same day appointment for an abscess on his little rump, to a quick and informative checkout. Dr.Gosser was so gentle and kind to our sweet doxie Dexter. As was Brittany, our tech. They also had extremely reasonable pricing even for something so urgent. I'll never go anywhere else again."
    Melissa F.