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  • Can Your Pet Contract Or Spread Ebola Virus?
         It seems that every day we’re hearing another news story about the spread of Ebola, either in West Africa or now here in the United States. Ebola, for anyone Read more
  • Is Roundup Safe To Use Around My Dog?
    Here on the Eastern Shore (and in any rural area) many of us are frequent users of the herbicide “Roundup”.  But did you ever wonder if it’s hurting your pets Read more
  • Poison Ivy and Fleas
    Poison Ivy: It is EVERYWHERE on the Eastern Shore right now. Have you ever wondered if dogs and cats can get it?       Maybe that’s why Rover is scratching at Read more
  • How much of what we say do dogs truly understand?
         Many of us believe that our dog understands most of what we say. Research shows that the language comprehension of some dogs is similar that of apes and parrots and Read more
  • Brain Tumors in Pets
         Last week I stopped at a convenience store in Cambridge. When I checked out, I noticed a jar requesting donations for a Dorchester County family that has a child Read more
  • Heat Stroke
                Dogs and cats cool themselves differently than humans do. They have limited ability to sweat which can lead to greater susceptibility to heat stroke. DOGS:             Dogs do have the ability Read more
  • Malabsorption and Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth
         One of our employee’s pets recently presented to us with chronic, intermittent diarrhea. “Missy” is a 3 year old German Shepherd who has had had bouts of diarrhea in Read more
  • Unpleasant Sniffing in Dogs
          One of my clients here in Cambridge recently asked me why some dogs have the unpleasant habit of running up and sniffing the private areas on us humans.  This Read more
  • Can Pets Get Alzheimer's Disease?
    One question we are often asked by parents of senior pets is “Can old dogs get Alzheimer’s?             There’s a condition in dogs called “Cognitive Dysfunction Syndrome” in which degeneration of Read more
  • Stomatitis in Cats
    In honor of Pet Dental Health Month, let’s discuss a dental condition common to some cats:   STOMATITIS.    WHAT IS IT?        The term stomatitis just means “Inflammation of the gums”.  A little Read more
  • Preparing For Emergiencies With Your Pet
         Hurricanes, floods, fires:…they have all happened here on the Eastern Shore. Are you prepared for an emergency? You can increase the likelihood of you and your animals staying together Read more
  • Tear Staining in Dogs
         Does your adorable little white dog have ugly brown staining if the fur inside the corners of his eyes?  This condition is caused by an overflow of tears onto Read more
  • Contaminated Water
         Many dogs like to drink water from sources other than their fresh clean water bowls. The two most common places where dogs will drink from other than their bowl Read more
  • Ear Mites
         Does your cat have itchy, dirty ears?  It could be ear mites. Ear mites are tiny parasites that can cause severe irritation and itchiness of the ears. We see Read more
  • Winter Pet Care
    How Cold is TOO Cold?        As the weather gets colder and COLDER here on the Eastern Shore we hear the question "How cold does it have to be before I Read more
  • Christmas Toxins
    ~It's the most wonderful time of year for us, but it can be one of the most dangerous time of year for our pets!  That's right, some of our favorite Read more


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    Melissa F.