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  • Bravecto
               So we have had many questions lately about Bravecto, the new 3-month flea/tick preventative available for dogs. Many of our clients are interested in the convenience of the poduct. Read more
  • Perianal Tumors
    Description             Perianal tumors are tumors that develop on or close to the anus. Dogs have several types of glands around the anus. Some of the material they produce is stored Read more
  • Retrobulbar Swelling
               Retrobulbar swelling can be quite painful. You pet pay cry out when their mouth is opened. The membrane (third eyelid) in the corner of their eye may be showing. Read more
  • Puppy Chewing
    Is there anything you can do to stop your puppy from chewing?  Curbing Your Puppy’s Bad Habit             Most pet parents find themselves dealing with a bit of challenge when they bring Read more
  • Anemia in Cats
               Some cats may develop anemia in their lifetime, and your veterinarian may recommend a blood transfusion. Are there any other ways to treat this problem? Can you give iron Read more
  • Cancer in Pets
    What is cancer?             Cancer is the uncontrolled growth of abnormal cells in the body.             In the body, there are trillions of cells with various functions. These cells grow and divide Read more
  • Are Vegan Diets Right for Your Pet?
                Many Americans enjoy the vegetarian lifestyle today, either for health or ethical reasons. Some people choose to extend this dietary philosophy to their pets as well, thus we now Read more
  • Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD)
    What is IBD?  IBD is a chronic disease of the GI (gastrointestinal) tract which can be very frustrating… and expensive!  It can occur in both dogs and cats. In most cases, the Read more
  • Hearing Loss in Dogs
              How can you tell if your dog may be deaf? If your dog is unresponsive to everyday sounds including it’s name or a squeaky toy, and if it is Read more
  • Frog and Toad Toxicity
    Your pet may catch frogs sometimes and eat them, but could they cause them any problems?  First: Was it a frog or a toad?    Frogs have wet skin and long hind Read more
  • Laryngeal Paralysis
              Has your dog’s breathing has gotten really loud? Does he pant more than he used? Does his breathing seem labored, but there is no coughing? Is this normal for Read more
  • Dogs, Cats, and The Plague
    Has anybody heart the new report for US Center for Disease Control and Prevention about a dog spreading plague to four Colorado residents?  This the first report of a dog Read more
  • Hyperesthesia Syndrome
    Have you ever touched your cat's hindquarters and he frantically begins biting or licking his front paws? If he can't reach his paws, if you or something is in the Read more
  • Chinchillas
    Come and see the newest members of our Bayside Animal Hospital family! Their names are Sunflower and Layla. They are Chinchillas! We adopted them from the Talbot Humane Society to Read more
  • Thanksgiving Safety Tips
                The best way to give thanks for your pets is to keep them safe! Share love and good times with your pets, but be careful about any food that Read more
  • Halloween Pet Safety
    7 Things You Can Do to Make Halloween Safer for Your Pet Don't feed your pets Halloween candy, especially if it contains chocolate or xylitol (a common sugar substitute found in Read more


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  • "Truly the best vet in Dorchester County! Both Dr. Gosser and Dr. Spofford are amazing and the vet techs are too. You can tell they love doing what they do."
    Samantha A.
  • "GREAT PLACE! From start to finish they were top notch! From getting a last minute same day appointment for an abscess on his little rump, to a quick and informative checkout. Dr.Gosser was so gentle and kind to our sweet doxie Dexter. As was Brittany, our tech. They also had extremely reasonable pricing even for something so urgent. I'll never go anywhere else again."
    Melissa F.